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Lena the Plug (Lena Nersesian) doesn’t get what many people think is the usual way high. In a short time, however, it was a great success. Over time, Lena has found a way to reach the love of her audience, and that is the secret of her ever-growing brand.

When Lena started, she couldn’t imagine how successful she was now. His YouTube channel has 1.6 million subscribers and he has 2.6 million subscribers on Instagram. This piece looks at Lenin’s career, her many controversial moments and her current projects.

Lena hopes her conservative Christian parents will accept what they live on
Lena de Stekker
Lena was born on July 1, 1991 to parents of Armenian descent. Lena’s parents tried to raise Christianity, which meant she was very strict about what she saw on television. In her first YouTube video, Lena explained that watching a movie like Boy Meets World would cause her a problem.

After high school, Lena went to the University of California to study psychology. She graduated in 2013 and wants to continue her postgraduate studies in the same field. However, the costs were very high and he decided to move to Sweden to study at the University of Lund. Lena talks about her stay in Sweden;

“I studied abroad in the small town of the University of Southern Sweden, a short train ride from Copenhagen, Denmark. Countries, people and laws are beautiful. Their food is good, but they know what they do when they get to the desert. The Swedes are very nice, but it’s a bit hard to get around. “

After a year in Sweden, Lena returned to America and did a lot of great work. Lena earned the nickname ‘Lena the Plug’ when she worked on the Arsenic startup on social networks. Lena started working as a model at Snapchat after she got tired of the lousy salary she offers for a normal job. He tells Heavy that his decision was not good for his family members;

“I don’t blame them. It’s not a quick-swallow pill, but I believe it will come later when the first shock wears off.”

Lena was criticized for allowing her best friend to have sex with her boyfriend Adam22
Lena de Plug and Adam Grandmaison
Lena and her boyfriend Adam Grandmaison started dating in 2016. In July 2017, Lena gave up controversy when she revealed that she would allow her friend Emily to sleep with Adam. In a video posted on her channel, Lena explained that she had no problem with Emily and Adam, because Emily already knew everything about her sex life.

Lena, Emily and Adam have off-camera sex before returning to describe their x-ray experience in detail. Lena was fired on social networks by people who did not understand the logic of the move. This is not the first time Lena and Adam have caused a controversy. The couple has previously promised fans that they will release a sexual tape if two of their channels reach 1 million subscribers. Lena is again criticized for the statement, but she decided to look at the fun side. He told Heavy;

Fast forward a few months and I launched a YouTube channel and played with it on his channel Forest (No Jumper). The mockery of filming a sex tape developed a bit into the idea that “Sex tape of 1 million” and here they are … We’re both excited about it, really.

Lenin’s sexual orientation changed as she became an adult. Adam and Lena are thought to be in an open relationship. He admitted that he had sex with a woman while at university, but now he indicated that he was not bisexual.

Her Instagram and Facebook accounts have been deleted several times because they violated community rules
Lena de Stekker
When Lena began her career on social media, she had accounts on almost every platform. However, Facebook and Instagram continue to delete its accounts because its posts violate community guidelines. He told Heavy;

“I never deleted my Instagram page, I can’t keep up. I’m always tagged and reported on Instagram and my page breaks and I have to fight to get it back.

Lena turned down offers from porn studios because she didn’t offer enough money
Lenin’s reports are sexual, but she indicated she didn’t want pornography. He has received many offers, but that does not attract him. He announced his first video on YouTube;

“There is nothing against pornography, I have good friends who do pornography and they are very good at it. I personally do not want to do it because I do not want to and simply because it is something that I still do not enjoy … When shooting this video, “I’m a little ashamed … to have sex in a room full of people and to be perfect and really engage in these sexual emotions. I never thought I could do that.”

Lena didn’t like what she was doing. He only did it to make money. It therefore seems that critics will not get to him. It’s just business for him, and he doesn’t understand why there are people who are so bitter about it. He told Heavy;

“I used to be a man who followed all the rules and everything I had to do. I wasn’t happy. The way I look now isn’t really what I want, but it gives me time and financial freedom to do things. I want to … I also want to ask her why dressing is so great. “

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