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Cumberland Times-News is a free app and daily newspaper that covers the community. It’s a dynamic resource that is growing and evolving, offering award-winning content for its readers. The app allows users to download the daily editions for offline reading, browse photos and videos, and view articles in a horizontal or vertical layout. You can even share the articles with friends and family! Here are some of the top reasons to download the Cumberland Times-News app.

Community issues and events

Read about community issues and events in the latest Cumberland Times news. The city will be hosting two family-friendly events this Saturday. On April 16, the Easter Bunny will make an appearance on the McCoury Stage to pose for photos and give away goodie bags. The first 300 children will receive an Easter goodie bag. At the same time, Downtown Cumberland will host an Easter parade.

The newspaper will cover local events and community issues in an objective manner. It is produced by the WFWM radio station, which is based in Frostburg. A recent story on the upcoming merger between two local credit unions was also covered by the newspaper. Another feature in the Cumberland Times’ news is the recognition of Wesley Heinz as the city’s Person of the Year. In addition to honoring Wesley Heinz, WCBC has also updated COVID services and hours.

In addition to covering local events and news, the Cumberland Times-News also covers issues and activities occurring in the town. Local businesses and schools are covered. The paper also covers the local politics, business issues, and cultural events. The newspaper also features news from national and international sources, including those of the U.S. State Department of Energy. It also includes information from the local Chamber of Commerce. The Cumberland Times news is an excellent source for local news.

Afro, a group of CU students dedicated to providing an environment for minority-centered discussion, is hosting an event on Feb. 20, 2020 at 6:30 p.m. in Baird Chapel. The event will celebrate African-American icons and allow for an open conversation about police brutality. The event will culminate campus-wide activities. While afro’s mission is to promote tolerance and acceptance, it will also raise awareness of minority-oriented issues and events in the community.

A prominent example of an event in Cumberland’s history is the freeing of Critty Dias Powell from slavery. She grew up in Romney, Virginia, and suffered discrimination throughout her life. She eventually chose to free herself from slavery and spent her life fighting discrimination. Sadly, her freedom was not enough to end her suffering. Her family members are now commemorated with a monument in their honor.

Another example of a community initiative is the launch of a bike and walking tour of the Cumberland area. The tour will also feature a robust rental program. Echefu hopes this will help make expensive outdoor equipment more accessible to a diverse group of people. She also urged locals to get outdoors and invite people from underrepresented social classes to her next outdoor excursion. She said she hopes to see a revitalized downtown.

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The Cumberland Times-News is a five-day morning newspaper that serves the community of Cumberland, Maryland, and surrounding communities. The newspaper was founded in the early 19th century and operated satellite bureaus throughout the state and in West Virginia. The Keyser Times-News, which was headquartered in nearby Keyser, closed its bureau in 2009. The staff of the Cumberland Times-News put out a subscription-based weekend edition.

Search for obituaries

If you are trying to find the last known whereabouts of a departed family member, then searching for obituaries in the Cumberland Times-News can help you find the details you need. You can search the newspaper’s archive by first or last name, middle name, or school. You can even narrow down your search by year range. You can find obituaries from as far back as 150 years ago.

A Cumberland Times-News obituary is a formal report of a person’s death. These were published by family members and were included in the newspaper as part of a surviving family tree. You can discover the deceased’s date of birth, residence, and death, and learn about any memorial services, if there were any. If you’re trying to piece together a family tree, searching for obituaries is a great way to start.

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