What isNorfolk Daily News?


The Norfolk Daily News is a newspaper that covers local and global news. Its coverage also includes sports, obituaries, and community events. In addition to news and sports, the newspaper also covers health topics, obituaries, and other obituaries. The newspaper is located in the Downtown Norfolk neighborhood of the city. To get a daily dose of the local news, you can subscribe to the Norfolk Daily News.

Weekly newspaper

The Norfolk Journal and Guide is a weekly newspaper founded in 1847. The newspaper began as a fraternal order publication called the Lodge Journal and Guide, and evolved into a leading black southern newspaper. Originally a four-page publication with a circulation of 500, the paper grew in size and readership until it reached 32 pages by the mid-1940s. The paper was acquired by P.B. Young Sr. in 1910 and became a full-time, professionally published paper.

The weekly Norfolk Weekly News-Journal is a historical newspaper with a colorful past. Initially published in the Elkhorn Valley, it covered news, politics, and regional economics. The newspaper also featured political cartoons and sports coverage. In World War I, the Norfolk Weekly News-Journal reported on the American involvement in the war and extolled the patriotism of the nation and its citizens.

The Weekly News-Journal was owned and published by the Huse family. Huse & Sons first started the Ponca newspaper in 1871, and later purchased the Norfolk Daily News with his son W.N. Huse. They continued to publish the newspaper until 1913, when Huse’s son Gene succeeded them. Huse was president of Huse Publishing Company until 1961 and also owned the Norfolk Weekly News-Journal. Huse & Sons also published the Daily News in Norfolk.

April is National Poetry Month, and the Norfolk Weekly will feature poems by Wisconsin-based author Carrie Voigt Schonhoff. She will also discuss issues facing residents and businesses in Norfolk, such as the violence that plagues high-density areas. She will also introduce the City’s FY 2023 budget. And she will talk about a new project that aims to bring people closer together: the Community Sketchbook Project. With the help of this project, Norfolk will be connected once again.

Weekly radio station

If you are interested in finding out more about the weekly radio station in Norfolk, it is worth keeping in mind that it is part of the Entercom Norfolk radio network, which broadcasts live local programming in every daypart. The stations are homegrown, serving the full diversity of the Norfolk Metropolitan Area. The radio station is dedicated to building partnerships with local businesses and organizations, and offers a diverse set of on-air talent and services. This article provides an overview of the station’s history, as well as its current status.

Before WFOS went off the air, it was a 10-watt operation. WHRO stepped in to keep it running for several months after the school district stopped funding the station. Its original studio had eight DJs rotating in and out of the studio. Now, WHRO hopes to generate some revenue from the station, as WFOS had done for many years. While this is certainly not an instant success, the future of the station is bright.

The station’s popularity soared during the 1970s. When WNOR-FM began airing progressive rock music from 9pm to 6am, it quickly surpassed the easy-listening sounds. Arbitron ratings soon rose to the top spot in the Norfolk market. In the early 1980s, WNOR-FM switched to an album rock format, based more on album sales. After WNOR-AM-FM merged with Saga Communications, it has continued to be one of the most popular rock radio stations in Norfolk.

After Les Wooten was fired from WNOR earlier this month, WKOS’s broadcasters have decided to keep him on the air. The new station’s program director, Tom Graye, and two other personalities will continue their work as broadcasters on WKOS. Don Davis will work on the two-to-seven p.m. shift, and Teri Michelle will be on the 7 p.m. to midnight shift.

BBC Radio Norfolk is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. In celebration of this, the station hosted an open house for local residents. The voice of Carrow Road, Roy Waller, died at the age of 69. It was sad to learn that Roy Waller would be the last to leave the broadcasting arena. A tribute to his work was given to the Carrow Road audience. After all, “The Neighbour Who Came to Stay” is a classic of the Norfolk radio scene.

Luckily, Money Talk 1310 and 100.9 in Norfolk will debut on Monday, June 15. The station will focus on common sense and sound financial advice. The station will be a good resource for students who are interested in establishing a firm fiscal foundation. If you are an aspiring radio personality, RADIO CONNECTION can help you maximize these opportunities. If you are interested in learning more about the radio industry in Norfolk, check out RADIO CONNECTION.

Weekly photo contest

The Norfolk Daily News is hosting its second annual “Weekly Photo Contest,” with the goal of recognizing the best photos submitted by its readers. This year’s winners include the Kearney Hub, Antelope County News, and Norfolk Daily News. Each newspaper had a maximum of five entries per category, and the winning images were chosen from among those submitted. The contest is judged by members of the Illinois Press Association.

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