Tips to organize your Graduation Party or Reception


Graduation Parties and Receptions

Each stage of our life marks the endpoint and the beginning of another.

In each of them, we learn, mature, and develop our personality and professionalism. And since at TuFiesta we are always present and support each celebration, we put together a few lines of recommendations of things that cannot be missing in your celebration and in your organization. Graduations can differ in many aspects, but they can also agree on some aspects such as decoration and decorations, regardless of the type of graduation, its size, elegance, or even the location.

Check out our 10 tips to organize your Graduation party:

1 Define the budget: It is important to know how much money you have for the party, so you can adjust it to your needs and prioritize in order of importance.

2 Listen to the honoree: The opinion of the graduate must be taken into account to provide a celebration in which they feel comfortable: menu, music, favorite colors for the decoration, and some particular detail (or dream) with what surprises him/her

3 Planning: Organizing a party with photo graduation invitations, no matter how small, is not an easy task. Many items must be taken into account, and that is why it is necessary to make an outline with the steps to follow so as not to panic and not forget anything.

4 Choose the place: This will depend on your budget and taste, and you should be one of the first to decide since it will define the rest of the party. If it is in an outdoor place, you should be aware of the weather and anticipate that, if it rains, you have the same capacity indoors or have a budget to rent a tent. The area is an important decision. It is not possible to cover all the necessities of proximity, but it is possible to try to make it close at hand for the majority. And Vans are always good at transporting guests, especially on their return. It is easy to select rooms or farms to request a quote by area, services, and the number of guests. This saves time and you receive options according to what you are looking for, for a less cumbersome selection.

5 Invite with time: Send the graduation invitations at least 15 days in advance. It is a month of many commitments! And remember to ask for confirmation so you can plan your menu and not overspend.

6 The Menu: The gastronomy depends on the type of party you have in mind if it is a relaxed or more formal event. In general, these types of celebrations are more informal and focus mostly on good music, dancing and fun without much structure. The entree options can be from tables of cold cuts and cheeses to the table, finger foods, or cold stations.

The latest trend in these cold seasons is the Shots (glasses) with various salty combinations. The proposals in small glasses are very comfortable because they avoid having to serve each diner by presenting them individually, and also, they are very showy and elegant on the table. The main dishes are suggested from typical stations of a country to some grilled options. The celebration cake cannot be missing, not only as a dessert but also as a decorative part, and always accompanied by decorated muffins and/or other sweets or desserts that you wish to add.

Another very innovative option is  ice cream or chocolate fountains

Look at our recommendations for Catering, Grilled Pizzas, and Pastries.

7 Do not forget the drink:  Select the drinks that you will offer. In this type of celebration, you cannot miss good champagne for the toast, beer, and soft drinks. You can also serve wine, whiskey, fernet, and some drinks for those who are not so akin to that type of alcohol. The important thing is to define what is going to be served to try to cover tastes. And don’t forget ice and water!

8 Decorate your party: The decoration for a graduation share many iconic elements with each other, such as the rolled-up diploma, the classic owl that signals wisdom, or the gown that represents the end of an era. The typical colors are black, gold, silver, and white, found in pennants, balloons, garlands, and various objects to decorate the tables.

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