20 Things You Can Do on a Computer in Free Time


Killing time, especially when you’re alone, is truly a big battle. The situation that happened due to the COVID-19 lockdown has taken boredom to a whole new level. If you’re getting bored and have nothing to do, then perform fruitful activities to make your time producti

Here are 20 things you can do on a computer when you’re bored.

Watch TV Shows and Movies

Have you missed any television or your favorite movies just because of a lack of time? Well, it’s a perfect time to watch them online on your computer using high-speed internet. There are a host of live streaming websites such as Disney Plus, Netflix, Voot Select, or Hotstar.

Customize your Computer

Give your system a complete makeover by personalizing it as per your choice. You can start with changing a desktop and placing a new screensaver. If you own a Mac, customizing the Dock can be fun. You can also personalize individual apps as per preference.

Read or Write Blogs

If you love composing various sorts of content or have good writing skills, start your blog online in any niche such as tour and travel, technical, or entertainment. If you’re scared of writing, indulge yourself in reading high-quality blogs featuring engaging content.

Edit a Video

If you love creating visual content, then create a captivating video using the best video editing software. If you are a Mac user, spend some time learning the ways to speed up a video on imovie, as it will help you become familiar with the advanced functioning of the app.   

Optimize Your Computer

While practicing everyday tasks, you hardly get time to focus on your system’s functioning. Hence, if you’re getting bored, then optimize your computer by determining if there are any issues. Look for the pending updates and resolve the problem if you have any.

Take Tests & Quiz Online

Nothing can be more interesting than participating in online tests and quizzes. You can participate in any category of activity with varying levels of difficulty. It will also help you gain some knowledge. 

Chat with Friends

Today’s hectic life makes it very difficult to meet loved ones and have some happy moments with them. So, if you want to kill boredom, then utilize your time by connecting with family and friends through social media.

Explore Google Earth

Roam around the earth from the comfort of your home by exploring Google Earth. You can explore scenic places, malls, restaurants, and more without spending anything or buying an air ticket.

Listen to Podcasts

Podcasts are excellent sources of entertainment with plenty of interesting stuff. Here, you can listen to podcasts on any topic related to various segments of life. For example, health, food, shopping, or finance.

Browse Reddit

Reddit is a website on which you can search for anything, such as news headlines or memes. It has thousands of numerous user-made communities (called Subreddits). Users can create subreddits on any topic using simple language and images.

Free Up Storage Space

Uninstall unwanted applications or programs, delete cache memory, empty trash folder, and clear cookies to delete unnecessary data. It’ll help in creating space for new data.

Install Productivity Apps

Better organize your life using productivity applications. Popular ones include Google Calendar, Asana, Trello, and more. You will find them useful once you resume your work, in case you are using the same device. 

Learn New Hobby

The online world is dotted with so many sources to learn new hobbies or skills. There are various courses also available to get expertise in your areas of interest.

Read Comics or Ebooks

Reading webcomics or Ebooks is another way to remove boredom. There are a handful of sites offering various titles from renowned authors.

Create a Wish List

Browse your favorite shopping sites and check out the collection of products you’re interested in. Save all the preferred items in your Wish List to buy them whenever required.

Take a Virtual Tour

Go for a virtual tour of must-visit destinations to explore what sort of real-time experience it has to offer.

Watch Videos

Watching online videos on YouTube or other sites is the best way to pass the time. YouTube features more than dozens of channels, including educational, music, and entertainment.

Play Online Games

Playing online games is one of the best ways to beat boredom. If you have a gaming laptop, you can download or play some high-end games online. Adventure, action, and sports are some gaming categories you can choose to play.

Research Side Hustle

Who doesn’t want to earn more money in today’s expensive world? Research side hustle to come up with new innovative ideas.

Master the Touch-Type

Improve your typing pattern and speed by learning to touch type on the keyboard. It will help you type about 100-150 words per minute.

The Conclusion

If you no longer want to feel bored, start performing any of these things. To perform these activities, all you need is a highly compatible computer and a better internet connection.

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