How to install Kali Linux from scratch on any computer? Step-by-step guide


How to install Kali Linux from scratch on any computer? Step-by-step guide

How to install Kali Linux from scratch on any computer?

Ce operating system has become

one of the most reliable

and secure that exists today, although it is not one of the most used in the world,

it offers a large number of very interesting elements and functions that have captured the attention of many people around the world. . It should be noted that it is open source so it has a lot of distributions available.

Thanks to all of this,

this operating system can be easily adapted to the actual needs of each user,

which is why many people were interested in adding to their computers. However, it’s entirely possible that you have no idea how you can install Kali Linux.

Taking into account that installing Kali on your PC can offer you great benefits

and that it also doesn’t require as many technological resources you can then easily install it on an old PC. Here we will show you the minimum requirements your equipment must have and how you can start installing it on your machine from scratch. To do this, follow in detail everything we will teach you below in the post.

What are the main requirements for installing Kali Linux?

One of the biggest concerns, when you want to install an operating system on a computer, 

is whether the computer meets the necessary requirements to support the system. However, as mentioned earlier in the article, one of the main advantages of Linux is that it does not require that many resources, so users can use an old computer with no problem.

In accordance with this, we will show

you here what are the minimum requirements your machine must have to complete this installation:

IT requirements

To install this operating system on a computer, it must have the following characteristics:

  • Go 1 de RAM.
  • TOminimum of Is 100 Conservation disque .
  • A Pentium II or Intel Celeron processor.

If your computer has these features, you can go through the Kali Linux installation procedure.

Select an operating system distribution

Another aspect you should keep in mind when you want to install this system is the number of distributions available. In the case of Linux, one of its main characteristics is the number of distributions available on the market, 

so you have to be perfectly sure which one best suits your needs.

To make this decision, you will need to consider the level of resources available to your computer, because some deployments require much more than others. 

You can also be guided by the interface of each of them, the level of online support available, by the level of difficulty of the installation, among other details.

Some of the more notable distributions are as follows:

  • Ubuntu: This release is primarily intended for people who just gotten started with the operating system,
    so it has become one of the most popular distributions on the market.
  • Manjaro: It is mainly intended for all users who have a little more knowledge about this operating system, so its management is a little more advanced.
  • Raspbiano: It’s ideal for all Raspberry Pi enthusiasts, so this official distribution has all the packages needed for it to work properly in the minds of applications and video games.
  • Arch Linux: This distribution was created with the Ubuntu Architecture in mind as well as that of Debian. This distribution is therefore also ideal for all those who just start the Linux path. As for its interface, we can say that it is very similar to that of Windows, so you can feel calmer.
  • Lubuntu: Considered one of the lightest and least resource-intensive versions, this made it easy to install on older desktops which for many are considered obsolete because they no longer support versions of other operating systems such as Windows. 
    Some of the apps used in this release include OpenBox and LXDE.
  • Linux PUP: It was also created primarily for all these old computers that no longer have enough resources to install a modern operating system.
  • Zorin OS: It is based on Ubuntu, but this time it has a very similar interface to that of the Mac Computer. This version is mainly geared towards hacking activities. However, unlike most distributions, you have to pay around 14 euros to use it.

As you can see, one of the main advantages of

using this system is that you will have different distributions, 

so you can choose the one that interests you most, either according to the needs of your computer or yours.

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