Streameast live: Watch free sports in 2022


There is so much content being created every day and a user now a day has too many options to choose from. The influx of content also created opportunities for companies to make streaming services and capture those users. Gone are the days to go and watch something live, streaming has taken over the market. Why pay for tickets, stand in line to get crammed in with the rest of the population in the nosebleeds, when you can watch it from the comfort of your home for free in some cases.

Streameast is one of those services, they have been around for while now and I will say it is the best sport streaming service in the market today. You probably haven’t heard about this website but they have been in business for a bit. They provide excellent sport coverage, the picture quality is always crystal-clear and it is high speed which means it never hangs or stops to buffer.

Steameast is a free service that I will recommend to everyone, from casuals to hardcore fans. Let’s take a closer look at the features and its design.

Design of Streameast: live is one of the best looking streaming sites I have seen in a while. It is a free service and usually websites that are free to use are often sloppy, clunky and downright unusable because of the ads and popups. That is not the case with Streameast, it is intuitive, user friendly, the colour scheme makes sense and tells the user where to go and it is blazing fast. 

If you are familiar with the design of premium sports streaming sites like MLB, DAZN, or NBC sports you will see that Streameast is quite similar to them. Free streaming services typically don’t offer a good and intuitive design that is why I am super excited to have stumbled upon Streameast. It is 2022 and subpar streaming services are just not acceptable, why should I use a clunky, unorganized website when services like Streameast exist.

Streameast also has a premium plan that you can subscribe for, which will give you more features and that is how they can sustain a service like this. The site is simple to use, every sport that they offer is available at the top, you can click on the sport that you would like to watch and it will take you to another page where you will be able to watch all live matches. From there click on any live match and it will instantly start playing. Just like that with a click of the button you can watch your favourite sport live.

Features of Streameast:

Streameast offers a rich streaming experience that can be matched with premium paid services. They cover almost all sports on this website. From extremely popular sports football and basketball to more obscure sports like table tennis and MMA. 

They offer a wide variety of sports and it can be a one stop shop for most sport fans. They offer free streaming on sports like Soccer, Basketball, Hockey, American Football, Tennis, Formula 1, MMA, Boxing, Volleyball, Cricket, Handball and many more.

The site also has a dark mode that you can enable to make the background darker which will create a theatre feel for you. I have used the dark mode and it is excellent, it makes you focus more on the game than anything else in the background. Unfortunately they don’t have a mobile app yet which is a let down but this Streameast service is growing and with more users I am sure they will create a mobile app as well.

Streameast is one of the best sports streaming services to watch live matches, I will highly recommend it to all my readers and save it in your bookmarks, you will thank me later.

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