5 Best Hacking Apps for Android


The world of mobile devices has changed a lot in recent years, and whereas hacking used to be a complex activity for IT experts, it is now possible to engage in hacking using an Android smartphone or tablet. Many Android smartphones can do a lot of things that were previously limited to computers, and there are numerous apps available that have been designed especially for those interested in hacking. These apps range from those suitable for beginners to those for advanced users and ethical hackers and are for rooted and unrooted devices.

It is worth mentioning that while the increase in the number of hacking Android apps has made it easier to engage in this activity, there is now also more cyber hacking of Android devices. Of course, we don’t want to encourage ethical hacking, but if you want to be more educated on the subject, none of the apps mentioned below may be a good choice. Knowing about what these types of apps can do could also help you protect your own device from attack.

It’s interesting to believe that a cell phone can now turn into a little hacking device, however while there are a lot of hacking Android applications accessible, some are superior to other people. In this way, we’ve accomplished the difficult work and created our pick of the best hacking applications for Android. All of the applications beneath are free and we have included Google Play Store or APK download joins for your benefit.


We are starting with an app intended for those who want to become better educated about hacking and who want to stay informed about the latest developments in this field. It will not be the type of hacking app that everyone is looking for, but it is useful for beginners. Users can find out everything about the different techniques used in hacking, and the app contains tutorials with videos and images to make it easier to understand. An introduction to hacking is presented with a Beginner level for the truth of information, as well as the Hackers Dictionary for terms you don’t recognize yet.

There is information about how to stay anonymous, about basic tools, Trojans, Keyloggers, hacking WiFi passwords and app data, and more, and you will also learn how to protect your device to keep hackers out. All in all, this app offers a good place to start if you want to know more about the world of hacking, although the user interface isn’t particularly easy on the eye.


Fing receives high user ratings on the Google Play Store and for good reason. It has millions of users and is quite easy for those with only basic knowledge to use. It is a fast network scanner, which will allow you to check which devices are connected to Wi-Fi networks and view details such as IP address, MAC address, device name and manufacturer and more.

More than a dozen tools are available, including ping and watchdog, DNS lookup, and port scanner, and the app also allows users to assess security risks, intrusion detection, device mapping, achieve a optimal network performance, and fix any problems. The app has a nice intuitive interface and was recently updated with improved support.


The FaceNiff Android app is for root devices and if your phone is connect to wi-fi it will allow you to check web session profiles and intersect with unauthorize access to someone else’s account. Just a few of the supported services are Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Tumblr and YouTube, and as is often the case, an app disclaimer points out that this is for educational purposes only and you shouldn’t use it if it’s not legal in your own country. The app is free for up to 3 hijacked profiles, but if you want more, you can purchase an activation code within the app.


This is not strictly a hacking tool, as it will only help unlock passwords for wi-fi networks that have been share by users. However, it is a very useful app for android phone users who can search for shared wi-fi hotspots around the world and get an internet connection to enjoy streaming music, news, games, watch movies and much more. , Wherever they are. The open platform encourages proactive sharing of WiFi passwords, which are then intelligently test to ensure access is available.

This app claims to be the largest WiFi sharing community with over a million daily connections, and of course that will increase as the number of WiFi hotspots grows. If you choose to share your Internet access your password is never make visible and can be lock from sharing at any time you choose. It is pack with other useful features such as customer support, automatic wifi connection in the city, secure WiFi hotspots, situation analysis, network scanner and more.


This advance Android tool for the galaxy is more likely to be use in workplaces than anywhere else, as it allows users to track employees’ online activity when using office devices through office traffic. snort. Aimed at expert users, it works in 3G, WiFi or FroYo tethered mode and allows the use of the tcpdump command.


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