Hitachi DESKSTAR 0A38016 1TB Hard Drive Review


Hard disk drives are non-volatile storage devices that can maintain stored data even if your computer is turned off. Every system requires a storage device, and 0A38016 – Hitachi DESKSTAR 1TB Hard Drive is one of the best-refurbished storage devices you can buy today. Usually, these devices are installed within a system and enterprise storage arrays and are capable of storing software programs, operating systems, and other files. These are attached to the motherboard through ATA SATA, or SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) cable.

Hitachi hard drives are world-famous for their reliability and robustness. The difference that took place in recent years is that; Hitachi Technologies is no longer the only manufacturer of 1TB hard drives in the market as WD, Seagate, and Samsung are arrayed against it to contest for the TeraBucks. Following are the details about Hitachi 1TB Hard Drive.


  • Manufacturer: Hitachi
  • Item Weight: ‎1 pound
  • Size: 1 TB
  • Dimensions (Inches): ‎7.6 x 6.7 x 2.9
  • Form Factor: 3.5-Inches
  • Connectivity Technology: SATA
  • Cache Size: 16 MB
  • Model Name: Deskstar

The basic statistics for this storage device are fairly common among the type, although that does not exactly match: SATA 3.0Gbit/sec, 7200RPM, perpendicular recording, 4.17 milliseconds average latency, and 8.7 milliseconds average seek time. This hard drive departs from the rest of the group in the headcount, and platters endow the 7K1000 with 10 heads, and five platters if compared to eight for WD and four for Seagate, and three with heads for Samsung. Some of the users have buffed about Hitachi’s return to the 5-platter design of DeskStar’s past; the additional gear takes influence to move it along.

On average, it translates into 10.8W when operating as well as 9W when idle, according to the company’s published specs. These figures were good a few years ago, but they do not hold a candle to WD’s 7.4W average ratings. The Hitachi 1TB Hard Drive delivers one TB of storage capacity for commercial computing products and demanding consumer tasks. It has the industry’s leading and reliable PMR (Perpendicular Magnetic Recording) features and the latest advancements in the head, shock protection, and silent acoustics technology to enhance the capacity. Also, its best-in-class thermal emissions and power management help the designers meet energy targets and increase drive life.


Talking about the design of Hitachi DESKSTAR 0A38016 1TB Hard Drive, the device comes with Hitachi’s usual plain design. The hard drive label provides basic info regarding the model but trusts the consumer to take a look at its manual, having detailed configurations and specifications. At the bottom, the drive maintains a sleek profile. It is assembled with the usual Torx screws and possesses a circuit board for thermal management and durability. On the front, it has a standard data interface and SATA power. We also find a compact pad that delivers vibration isolation between the controller and the drive components. Once flipped after detaching, the Hitachi drive’s circuit board reveals an aesthetic sensibility as it has a clean and simple layout. It offers a 16 MB cache with a 3.5-inch of form factor.

Price Tag

The prices of 1TB hard drives have been falling steadily, and these days, you can buy this device for about $130 to $200. This price tag can make this device even more demanding and popular. Of course, you have employed a sufficient backup strategy to decrease any data loss that can arise from a device failure. Also, you are using a case that has sufficient ventilation because hard disk drives typically run hot. On its part, Hitachi will replace or repair the device for 3-years.

Final Words

Above, we have mentioned some of the details about Hitachi’s refurbished 1TB hard drive. If you want to buy this device or any other technology, computer, or IT-related gadget, you can visit online stores such as CPU Medic, HardDiskDirect, TigerDirect, Best Buy. On these online platforms, we have a number of tech devices listed for sale that you can buy for discounted prices. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us to get the best deals.

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