Sagemcom Fast 2704 – Configuration for LiNK system (Xbox 360 rgh / jtag)


Sagemcom Fast 2704 – Configuration for LiNK system (Xbox 360 rgh / jtag)

Sagemcom Fast 2704 – Configuration for LiNK system (Xbox 360 rgh / jtag) I have a problem with this router, actually, it’s configured for the LiNK system. I configured the router according to the recommendations for this system, ie UPnP is enabled, while in the “Advanced Settings >> NAT >> Virtual servers” tab, new rules have been added. Ports 3071 to 3072 assigned …

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No internet after unblocking ports

Hello, I have a modem and router from India. Two days ago, I asked the operator to open NAT because I had a problem playing online on Xbox – it did not really help because you had to manually unlock the ports in the router settings. It was so convenient that I did not have to enter them manually because you could …

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  • Xbox one ethernet keeps hanging up

    Hello gentlemen, I have had a huge problem with the Xbox since yesterday. Orange cannot help, they blame the equipment. He already describes the problem, I bought a new Xbox one s 3 years ago, and the console always connected via wifi to my funbox 3 from orange, and it was fine. However, while streaming from the console on twitch …

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  • Xbox after tuning, a possible replacement for a damaged Xbox 360

    I will sell an Xbox version 1.1. The console has been reworked TSOP-modem and has a dual-bios switch (two 512k banks). XBMC is loaded. From the background of the console, I also installed a USB port on the cable. The console has a drive from a PC (LG DRD 8160b) and it is fully compatible with Xbox. All modifications …

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  • Turbo Fire EVO – Xbox 360 controller with LCD display and game macros

    Players who do not want to rely only on their own skills during the games, but also on defined macros, can now equip themselves with a wireless controller for the Xbox 360 console, Turbo Fire EVO from the British company Datel. It has a 1.7-inch color display, loudly named …

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  • 32 “TV up to PLN 1300 (mainly XBOX 360 and computer movies)

    1. How big is the room in which the TV is to be located? 12m2 2. How far are we from the TV screen? 2m 3. How many people sit in front of the TV? 1-3 4. Are we sitting in front of the screen or also sideways to the screen? straight ahead and sometimes sideways 5. Should the TV stand or hung? see you …

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  • Xbox 360 input for pc – driver or Xbox USB to pc adapter

    Hello, I recently bought headphones for a computer, but as it turned out they work on Xbox 360, so I have a question, apparently, there are drivers that allow you to use Xbox hardware on pc. On pc, only headphones work for me, but without a microphone, the micro is in the USB, but the USB also provides power to the headphones …

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  • Xbox 360 Slim – RGH – how to go about it?

    Hello, I have an Xbox 360 console in the Slim version, with a Corona motherboard (production date: January 2013). My intention is to remake the console via RGH. I have been browsing the internet recently and reading/watching tutorials, but nevertheless, I have some questions to which I cannot find answers, but …

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  • KX13 – Wired gamepad Xbox KX13 USB “turns off” while in use

    Hello. I have a problem with the Xbox KX13 USB wired pad. Namely, when, after connecting the gamepad to the computer with the USB port, I try to start any game on Steam that supports the Xbox pad, or the Steam itself, all four lights in a circle on the pad turn on, and they glow for about a second, and everything …

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  • Xbox 360 Slim (Trinity) – Only green light when turned on, no picture.

    I got an Xbox 360 slim, and a trinity motherboard. I do not know his past, but there are no signs of repairs or interference with him. The console starts up, but it does not send an image, the green circle does not light up, only the green LED in the center of the panel. The drive responds the pad is synchronizing, i.e. after …

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  • kind of simple but not – connecting the tv to Xbox Polsat DVD and projector

    Basically, I want the sound from Polsat and Xbox to go to the home theater. In this case, it is enough to use the optical signal switch. An example of this switch -> [url =] Link Nothing prevents you from using the switch with three inputs so that the TV can also be heard in the speakers …

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