The most common PlayStation 4 problems and their solutions


The most common PlayStation 4 problems and their solutions

The most common PlayStation 4 problems and their solutions, After nine years and the launch of a new console, some of the most common PS4 problems still persist. But whether they like it or not, the PS4 is still a gamer‘s favorite here. Is yours still having difficulties? Don’t stress – in this guide, we’ve rounded up the most common PlayStation 4 problems along with their solutions, so you can keep playing for a long time to come.

First things first: contact Sony

In this section is all the information you will need to contact Sony if your problem is not reflected in our guide.


method  Contact
Telephone 1-800-345-7669 (Available Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm US Pacific Time)
Support website
Twitter @AskPlayStation

flashing blue light

After all these years, the “blue line of death” is still the most vexing issue on the PS4.

However, unlike the Xbox 360 ‘s “red ring of death,” the pulsing blue line doesn’t mean your console is dead, but rather that it’s on a severe difficulty.

On a regular basis, when turning on the PS4, the LED light that adorns the side of the console should quickly flash blue

before turning white. However, on consoles that suffer from the “blue line of death”, the latter flashes continuously,

indicating there is a problem transmitting the video, and then inexplicably shuts off.

This problem has become so common in some PS4s,

especially those that were manufactured between the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014,

that Sony decided to publish a guide with possible solutions to this problem. Hopefully, these options can help you.

Potential Solutions

Según Sony, la luz intermitente puede ser indicativo de diversos problemas de hardware o software.

Así mismo, también hay diversas potenciales soluciones; en caso de que logres identificar que se trata de una falla de hardware,

lo que debes hacer es contactar al soporte de usuario de PlayStation o bien llevar la consola directamente a una tienda oficial de Sony,

ya que muchas veces estas cuentan con servicio técnico y repuestos de piezas que fallan.

Hay que tener en cuenta que es muy posible que, a esta altura de su vida, la consola ya esté fuera del

período de garantía y eso significa que tendrás que pagar un costo por la reparación.


  • Actualiza el firmware de tu TV:

  • algunos usuarios han notado que la actualización del firmware de televisión ha resuelto la falta de señal de audio y video. Si tienes un televisor nuevo con conectividad a internet, consulta el manual de instrucciones del televisor y actualiza tu firmware. Recuerda que al hacerlo puedes alterar la configuración de HDMI y arreglar la compatibilidad del dispositivo.
  • Comprueba los puertos HDMI: revisa tanto el puerto HDMI de tu televisor y tu PS4 para ver si hay anormalidades o daños graves, junto con el cable HDMI. Si es posible, intenta probar con cables HDMI alternativos.
  • Verifica a fuente de alimentación:

  • toca el botón de encendido en la parte frontal de la PS4 durante al menos siete segundos, o hasta que el sistema emita un pitido dos veces y se apague. Luego, desconecta el cable de alimentación de CA de la toma eléctrica y verifica que el conector AC IN y el cable de alimentación no presenten ningún daño ni anomalías visibles.
  • Verifica el disco duro: asegúrate de que tu PS4 esté apagada, luego desconecta el cable de alimentación de CA y cualquier otro cable conectado antes de mover el HDD hacia afuera. Una vez retirado, inspecciona el disco duro en busca de posibles daños y asegúrate que esté correctamente asentado en el compartimiento de la unidad de disco duro.
  • Reiniciar el control:

  • verifica que todo esté conectado correctamente. Mantén presionado el botón PS en tu controlador hasta que la luz del sistema se vuelva naranja.Luego, presiona y mantén presionado el botón PS nuevamente hasta que la luz se ponga blanca. Hemos probado este método y puede hacer que tu PS4 arranque correctamente.

    Although the appearance of the “red line” is not as serious as the flashing blue light, it must be paid attention to.

    If you have a console that is experiencing such a trip, you will see the LED indicator light that adorns the side of the console flash red repeatedly,

    then turn off after the system makes three distinct beeps.

    According to the PS4 user guide made by Sony, this problem is due to the equipment overheating, possibly caused by the malfunction of the fan. However,

    some users reported the problem within minutes of turning on the computer. The good?

    This error is not a sign of a catastrophic failure of those that completely disable the console.

    possible solutions

    If the issue persists and none of the following possible solutions are resolved, please contact

    PlayStation Customer Support or take your console directly to an official Sony retail store for repair or replacement.

    • Let it rest – Touch the power button on the front of your PS4 for at least seven seconds, or until the system beeps and turns off.Then, unplug the power supply and let the console rest for an extended period of time, or until it cools down sufficiently, before turning it back on.
    • Give it ample space – Place your PS4 in a well-ventilated area so it has plenty of room to breathe.Additionally, some users have reported that placing the console vertically helps decrease overheating

      (although this should not be considered if the position blocks access to the side vents).

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