How to Recover Abandoned Carts Order with Email Marketing in 2022




Every once in a while, many people go online to window shop and browse through a number of items and exit without actually buying anything. Very few buyers actually go through with their shopping carts and the items that they add to the cart.


Others just add items to their cart and just exit without buying. In such cases, the company has lost some amount of business from the buyer and needs to regain it. Email marketing tool is one of the best ways to regain business from the customer who has had an incomplete transaction on the e-commerce website.


There are many ways in which email marketing can help in gaining and retaining customers based on various business circumstances and especially for customers who have abandoned their carts on the website.


What is Abandoned Carts Order in Online Sales?

Abandoned cart order is a scenario where potential and prospective customers visit an ecommerce site and add products to the cart that the customer expects to buy. Due to any of the below situations, these items may be abandoned by the user on the website:


  • Product Expectations are unmet
  • Pricing issues
  • Customer is window shopping
  • The color or variant of the desired product is not available
  • No discounts or offers as expected
  • Out of stock


In any of the above scenarios, the customer might abandon the cart after adding the products to it. After adding items to the cart, the user may just exit the ecommerce site altogether or may switch to a competitor’s website.


In either of these cases, the brand or the company has lost the business from the customer. However, before the business or the order goes off to a competitor, the company must take steps or efforts towards achieving and regaining the business from the customer.


Role of Email Marketing in Abandoned Carts Order


Email marketing tools are extremely useful in situations where the customer needs to be pulled back to the brand to help gain the business. Emails are one of the best ways to communicate with any kind of customer for the business, be it existing or prospective.


Once the website collects information from the user, it is possible to email the customer in many enticing ways to make the customer revisit the website and place the order. In addition, an email marketing tool has many functions that can help the marketer by identifying customers who have left their carts abandoned.


This activates a trigger that a marketer can set. Once the customer has activated this trigger, the marketer can use their information to appeal to the customer to return to the website and complete the order.


This can be using one of the many techniques mentioned below:


  • Offer an exciting discount
  • Inform the product variant or color is now available
  • Remind that the cart is awaiting completion
  • Provide customer support in case of other options


These are some ways that an email can communicate the many options that are now available for the customer so that the customer can complete the order. Offering these options can trigger the customer’s interest and help them return to the website and complete the order as expected. Customers can complete transactions; therefore, this tool has been proven successful in many cases.




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