Types Of Phone Cases available at cell phone repair store in San Pedro California


As mobile phones have advanced, so have the cases that protect them. These days, the cases we buy from cell phone repair stores in san Pedro California do more than just protect them from damage; they also serve as a form of self-expression. You can now get one in size, color, and style that complements your sense of style and personality.

Some individuals like more subdued, traditional styles for their phone covers, while others go all out with bright colors and wild patterns. Girls and younger women are particularly fond of mobile phone covers with glitzy decorative trinkets and even cuddly plush or plastic animal-shaped keychains. Then, there are also phone covers featuring their favorite cartoon characters.

If you are unsure where to begin searching for a new phone case, Nice Device experts are here to help. First, find out everything you need about phone covers and their types.

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Types Of Phone Cases available at cell phone repair store in San Pedro California


Hard Plastic Cases

The majority of hard phone covers on the market today are made of plastic or a plastic substitute and have a shell-like shape. Cases for Apple and Android smartphones are custom-made at cell phone repair to fit specific models. One of the advantages of hard plastic phone covers is that they add little bulk or weight to your phone.

Shock absorption and an extra layer of protection for your phone are provided by extreme cases, which shield the back and sides from accidental bumps, hard drops, and abrasive surfaces that cause scratches. However, not all plastic phone cases are the same. All plastics are not created equal. Even though they are supposed to keep your phone safe, some are not as strong as others and may crack easily.

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If you’re concerned about the safety of your phone, you should get this type of case from the mobile repair shop. Holsters are available in nylon, fake leather, and genuine leather. You can attach it to your belt using the included clip. The use of holster covers has some disadvantages. To begin with, their size makes it difficult to use the phone. Second, they are quite pricey, especially if made of genuine leather.

Phone Cases Made of Silicone

Many people remember silicone phone cases from the early days of smartphones when they were made for very early phone models. They were soft to the touch and slightly tacky, with a firm grip on whatever surface they applied. For a time, they were extremely popular. Most modern silicone phone cases are made of ‘liquid silicone.’ You might be wondering about a liquid silicone phone cover. Liquid silicone is significantly more rigid and stretchy than traditional soft silicone, similar to a gel phone cover. 

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Cloth, canvas, or supple leather are common materials for pouches. Drops and scratches will be minimal on your phone. However, you should not rely on this cover to protect your phone if you drop it. Every time you want to use the phone, you’ll have to take it out of its pouch, which is inconvenient.

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Some phone cases available in cell phone repair stores in san Pedro california go above and beyond the call of duty. They also have a card holder, a built-in charger, an integrated keyboard, and even a bottle cap opener. So investing in a decent phone cover is unquestionably worthwhile.

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