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The most iconic and eye-catching article in the sports of boxing is the wholesale boxing shorts. Every legendary player has had customized shorts that later became a symbol of their personalities. Boxers have made pretty striking decisions throughout the years, and the flare of colors that boxing shorts bring is all part of the entertainment that boxing brings. 

Naturally, a boxer’s ability to fight is affected by every element of their outfit in a competitive contact sport like boxing. A boxer’s entire wardrobe can be viewed as a piece of gear vital to their performance.

The boxing trunks are not there just for entertainment and fancy appearances. They serve various purposes, and if you are an amateur looking for a career in boxing, it is essential to be aware of why the boxing shorts are worn. Read this blog to learn about the perks of wearing trunks you probably never knew. Let’s dig in!

Benefits of Wearing Your Wholesale Boxing Shorts High

The boxing trunks play a vital role in the victory by being a strategic clothing item for the player. Don’t understand how? Let’s see.

Low-blows are punches that fall below the imaginary line that runs from the top of one hipbone to the other. 

Boxers usually wear their shorts up high to acquire a psychological edge over their opponents by concealing this line and diverting their punches. This is one of the biggest benefits of wearing boxing trunks because it directly contributes to the victories.

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Boxers wear shorts to shield themselves from body blows by rolling up the trunks high up to the waist. Technically, the validity of a punch is not affected by the height of the shorts, but this tactic might mislead both the opponent and the referee. 

The competitor will have trouble locating the permissible striking areas, and the referee may even rule that a punch above the imaginary line is prohibited because that part of the body isn’t visible. 

Even if the referee makes the right decision, the audience will be sceptical at this point which is the biggest edge for any boxer. Using this trick, you can take full advantage of your wholesale boxing gloves and shorts. 

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Less Irritation From The Groin Protector

The irritation the groin protector’s size causes is one of the main reasons why players wear boxing trunks. Since the crotch shield is worn fairly high, wearing your shorts underneath it would restrict the range of motion in your legs. 

Although this is a good reason to wear the shorts quite high, some boxers overdo it to pull off the technique we have mentioned above. Wearing the shorts eases the soreness that might come with the heavy groin protector, and it simultaneously provides you with an edge with the high trick. 

Enhance Your Movements With the Wholesale Boxing Gear

As we have discussed earlier, boxing shorts bring advantages when worn higher. Increasing mobility is another key benefit of wearing your shorts high. 

The movement of the legs is sometimes restricted by baggy shorts that hang too low, which is unfavourable for a boxer. Covering your lower belly with your shorts will provide an additional layer of defense, possibly preventing you from being knocked out cold by direct hits to your stomach.

You will be in for an easy victory with a perfectly fitting pair of boxing shorts and custom boxing gloves

Better Air Circulation

Ever wonder why the boxing trunks are not as tight as the usual shorts you see around? That’s because loose and cosy shorts help in boosting air circulation around their legs. 

Boxing is a strenuous physical activity that needs many intricate but difficult movements. Since boxers don’t use their legs to strike their opponents like MMA fighters, wearing tighter shorts or pants won’t help them lift their legs more effectively. 

Alternatively, loose shorts will allow for greater blood circulation in their legs and more area for their legs to breathe in an overcrowded venue.

Sponsors Endorsement

The boxing trunks have always been a symbol of the sponsors of every boxer. Sponsors ensure that their brand is advertised properly, and what better way to channel it than through famous boxers? 

And the upside to this is the additional amount of money cashed out by the players and their sponsors. One of the best examples is the 2.25 million dollars made by Manny Pacquiao’s shorts that he wore during his bout with Floyd Mayweather.

Why Do Boxers Pour Water In Their Shorts?

The reasons for running cold water down a boxer’s shorts are quite obvious. One of the body’s heat regions is the crotch, head, and armpits. Pouring cold water on a hot place like your groin causes your body to chill off, making restoring energy simpler.

In addition, the impact your body experiences from the cold water immediately wakes you up and increases your activity level. Boxers can use cold water to regain energy after each round. Although this is a short-term solution, its effectiveness cannot be denied.

A high-quality pair of wholesale boxing gloves are essential to make your short tricks work effectively. The Wholesale Boxing Gear has one of the finest leather gloves that offers precision and strength.

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