The best smart light starter kit of AiDot


The vital smart light starter kit can be effectively procured online from AiDot at a very affordable price of only 172.99 US dollars. This is one of the enigmatic devices of AiDot that Works with AiDot and is an awesome integration of any smart home.

Deep knowledge about AiDot smart light starter kit

AiDot smart light starter kit consists of three essential smart devices. Primarily, 4 x smart RGBW bulbs. This device efficaciously Works with AiDot and provides more than 16 million vivid colors besides a dim warm to the coolest whites in a smart home which ranges from 1800K to 6500K.

Moreover, a user of the AiDot smart light starter kit can create his or her desirable scenes at his or her smart home with the utilization of vibrant colors and animated effects of lighting through the magnificent app of AiDot. A user can as well share the device that Works with AiDot or set a countdown to turn on/off lights at a specified time.

The second significant element of the AiDot smart light starter kit is the 2 x 11.5 feet WIFI LED strip light wherein a user can jazz his or her weekend party with beautifully color-changing lights that dances to the favorite song rhythm. This light which optimally Works with AiDot features 64 scene modes, easily transforming a smart home to best suit the mood of an elite user. With a high choice of sixteen million colors, any bedroom, kitchen, or living room decor of a smart home can be reinvented.

The last essential integration is 4 x 6-inch intelligent recessed lighting which smartly controls the recessed lights with the sound of the user’s voice making life much easier. This efficacious light that attractively changes color with music beat Works with AiDot and is only available on the AiDot app.

Boons of utilizing AiDot smart light starter kit

There are endless benefits if a user chooses to use AiDot smart light starter kit. The prime advantage is its easy installation which is quite remarkable. Secondly, with the utilization of only three smart devices, a user can offer the basic lighting effect to any desired space effectually via the magnificent AiDot app.

A user can as well flex powerful lighting through the usage of the AiDot smart light starter kit which is assured to bring a dynamic color bound with plentiful visual feelings whilst listening to soothing music. This thrilling device of AiDot which seamlessly Works with AiDot could enlighten any space of the smart home.

However, a vivacious online buyer of the AiDot smart light starter kit can order it quickly and safely via a single click on A user is ensured to be amazed at the fastest delivery of 48 hours to a maximum of 7 days.

The online payment system of AiDot is incomparable and secure in comparison to its global competitors and their customer-friendly executives are available 24/7 to address any issue of the client about any genuinely intelligent device that Works with AiDot or specifically a smart light starter kit of AiDot.  

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