6 Ways to Keep the Building Site Clean and Clutter-Free


Keeping the building site clean and tidy is the best way to prevent accidents. It can also help boost productivity and keep the workers motivated to work harder. Moreover, if everything is organized and placed in order, it helps the workers stay focused and get the job done without having to hunt for the equipment they need.

If you are working on a large site, then it’s best to look into professional 40-Yard Dumpster services to dispose of the garbage appropriately. 

Here are some simple ways you can help keep the construction site clutter free and clean. 

Store Broken Tools Away

There should be a proper system to ensure broken tools are flagged up or set aside whenever the issue is identified. Workers should be instructed to label and report the equipment so that other employees can refrain from using them. This way, you can reduce the risk of miscommunication and reduce the likelihood of electrical accidents. 

Create a Waste Area

Workers should be instructed to throw away waste as quickly as possible especially if the materials used are hazardous. The best practice to throw away waste is to separate reusable waste, construction recycling waste, and waste for landfill. This way, you can save a lot of time and determine where all the waste goes to. 

Keep Access Routes Clear

The workers on-site are more prone to getting injured because of any accident that occurs. Make it easy for them to move around the building site. They should have plenty of means to escape in any emergencies. All the entrances and exits must be cleared away daily of any obstacles. 

Avoid Pests

Certain pests like mice, pigeons, and rats can lead to significant problems if they access a construction site. Besides causing damage to the work that is being completed, it can also pose health risks for workers. 

By ensuring that your promises are clean and tidy, you can avoid attracting pests in the first place. If the building site has a break or kitchen area, make sure that the surfaces and floors are cleaned regularly. Remove any dropped food and unnecessary items to maintain the area clean. 

Store Materials Safely

Handling and storing construction materials should be done in the right way to prevent tripping, fire, or explosion hazards. The workers should be trained so that they understand that unused materials cannot be stored just anywhere on the site but should be kept in their designated places.

For example, a ladder stored inside an electrical closet might block a panel and create a fire hazard. 

Manage Dust

One of the biggest challenges in construction is managing dust which poses health hazards for the workers. There are many ways to control dust and one of them is to place a plastic sheet on the cleaning and the floor area. This sheet can help control the dust along with regular cleanup.

Another effective way to control dust is to use water. But make sure that the site is not too muddy as it hinders the passage of heavy vehicles on the site.

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