ChatGPT and SEO: a winning combination?


ChatGPT and other conversational AI products are on the rise right now; certain professions would be threatened…

Unless these powerful tools, which can also be improved, can also be used to optimize the work of certain professionals, such as SEO experts and other “human” web editors who seem difficult to do without.

ChatGPT: a little reminder of the facts…

ChatGPT embodies a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of new technologies, arousing both awe and fascination.

👉 As a reminder, this is a language model developed by OpenAI, capable of generating text on demand using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence.

Launched at the end of November 2022, the name “ChatGPT” is the result of the merger of the terms “chat” and “GPT”, which respectively refer to a “conversation” and a “predictive language transduction model”. (Translation in the language of Molière). This explicit name thus expresses the ability of ChatGPT to simulate “advanced” human conversations in a relevant way.

This tool and its many derivatives have thus upset the habits of many professionals worldwide, like inbound marketers and other SEO web editors…

ChatGPT and SEO content strategy: welcome help?

SEO Content Writing Services is in essence a sprawling universe and we will focus here mainly on the part relating to content strategy.

So, to what extent can ChatGPT be a tool at the service of the famous keyword strategy that underlies any efficient content strategy?

👉 ChatGPT learns continuously, by the sources it crosses, recrosses to constantly enrich its databases. And this, thanks to its continuous learning system: the famous Machine learning, the engine of modern Artificial Intelligence.

It can for example help to define certain key expressions, provided that the “prompts” (short sentences) are correctly defined upstream, that is to say the commands which will direct the searches carried out by ChatGPT.

Similarly, he is able to propose an article plan or even to make suggestions to find ideas for themes.

But on the strictly editorial aspect, ChatGPT cannot replace the pen (or the keyboard!) of the SEO web editor. The latter indeed has its own unique writing style, while that of ChatGPT remains very impersonal and to say the least perfectible, sometimes using and abusing redundancies and heavy turns.

This specialist also has expertise: if ChatGPT has the ability to “intelligently” exploit sources of information, the seasoned SEO web editor will verify the legitimacy of each of these sites, which must be authorities in their field.

Natural referencing and conversational AI in synthesis

SEO and related content strategy are constantly evolving.

ChatGPT is an automated scalable content generation tool. It is therefore essential to verify and validate the results of ChatGPT before using them.

ChatGPT is therefore not positioned as a substitute for Content marketing professions, but rather as a quality assistant to strengthen your natural referencing strategy. Its strategic use can indeed:

  • improve the relevance of your content ,
  • And help drive more targeted traffic to a website.

BUT, to achieve a successful SEO, it is essential to have a deep understanding of:

  • search algorithms,
  • And user needs.

And that, ChatGPT deep understanding cannot replace it…

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